liz gonzález
Writer, Instructor, Speaker,
Animal and Nature Lover




"Menudo vs Hotdogs," Poetry, Voices de la Luna: Literature and Arts Magazine

"The Summer Before 9th Grade," Poetry, liz gonzález On-line Floricanto, La Bloga

The Summer the Women Stayed Indoors” and “White Picket Fence House,” Poetry, Cultural Weekly

"Buñuelos," Poetry, Silver Birch Press

 "Cabaret," Fiction, Inlandia: A Literary Journey

"Thankful for What I Got," Poetry, Silver Birch Press



Life of Jem with special guest published writer liz gonzalez

Coping to Care's Francine Marlenee McQueen: liz gonzalez and Ruthie Marlenee: Expression, Voice, & Health

Citizens Climate Radio's Peterson Toscano: liz gonzalez shares work from Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds: Poems y Cuentos and a poem in Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California. Begins at 12:20.

For writer liz gonzález, a Taco Best Describes her Creative Self: Antonio Ruiz at Palacio Magazine interviews liz

Spotlight on La liz gonzalez: A Poet's Journey into Novel Writing, Author Olga García Echeverría interviews liz, La Bloga


Cobalt Poets presents liz gonzález + Open reading

Celebrating Cultura: Dia de la Raza: Hosted by Inlandia Institute, Riverside Art Museum and Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture of the Riverside Art Museum

Latinopia Word: Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds. Filmed by award winning filmmaker and author, Jesús Treviño, at the home of Barbara and Michael Sedano.

liz presents a story about the first time her grandmother saw her perform a poem at KPCC's Unheard LA-live in Baldwin Park

Writing Tip: liz gonzález: Find Time to Write

Print & Anthologies Selected


"Fall in the Chaparral" and "Sweethearts," San Bernardino, Singing, 2020, Poetry and Creative Nonfiction

"The Mexican Jesus sings lead tenor in the Our Lady of Guadalupe teen choir," Puro Chicanx Writers of the 21st Century, Hybrid Creative Nonfiction

Fire and Rain

"Fall in the Chaparral," Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California, 2018, Poetry

"Isolation" and "You're Still a Young Man," Voices from Leimert Park Redux: Los Angeles Poetry Anthology, 2017, Poetry

DCA 2017 Latino Heritage

"She's All That," City of Los Angeles 2017 Latino Heritage Month Calendar and Cultural Guide, 2017, Poetry


Inlandia 2016

"Best Granddaughter," "Songs for First Dates" and "White Picket Fence House," 2016 Writing from Inlandia,2016, Poetry

Cover of "The Coiled Serpent Poets Antholog

"Buñuelos," The Coiled Serpent Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles, 2016, Poetry


Cover of "Wide Awake" poetry anthology

"The Four Food Groups in Grandma's Summer Lunches," "Espiritu," and "Confessions of a Pseudo Chicana," Wide Awake: The Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond, 2015, Poetry


don't blame the ugly mug

"The Summer Before 9th Grade," Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 Years of 2 Idiots Peddling Poetry, 2011, Poetry

latino heritage




"Confessions of a Pseudo Chicana,." City of Los Angeles Latino Heritage Month Celebration 2007 Calendar and Cultural Guide, Poetry

cover of "Women on the Edge"

“Destiny,” Women on the Edge: Fiction by LA Women Writers, 2005, Fiction