liz gonzález
Writer, Instructor, Funkifizer,
Animal and Nature Lover

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Reading the beginning of her novel at Macondo 2016:


Reading at the Writers' Program Publication Party 2015:
"Confessions of a Pseudo-Chicana"

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Interview: "Spotlight on La liz gonzalez: A Poet's Journey into Novel Writing," La Bloga

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cover of beneath bone

Beneath Bone

"liz gonzalez writes with the hand of an assemblage artist and the voice of a Neo-Frida Kahlo and a re-invented Dolores del Rio. Her poems become performance pieces, fractured cinemas from dreams and day-to-day enlightenments. She paints the body, the face and the broken column of the self. The poems are lunar and prismatic; they move from abstract investigations of surface, being and impermanence and on to the journals of the erotic, meditations of absence and the nerve matters of death and desire." - Juan Felipe Herrera, US Poet Laureate

"Her unique voice allows her to grapple with themes involving love, race, and womanhood without ever hitting a false note. liz gonzález is a fierce Chicana poet who deserves a huge following." - Renee Swindle

"liz gonzalez's Beneath Bone strikes to the core. It's fast and flawless voicings make a world where what we see and what we know amazingly converge. Welcome to the real thing." - Elizabeth Willis

Selected Anthologies


Fire and Rain

"Fall in the Chaparral," Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California, 2018, Poetry

"Isolation" and "You're Still a Young Man," Voices from Leimert Park Redux: Los Angeles Poetry Anthology, 2017, Poetry

DCA 2017 Latino Heritage

"She's All That," City of Los Angeles 2017 Latino Heritage Month Calendar and Cultural Guide, 2017, Poetry

Inlandia 2016

"Best Granddaughter," "Songs for First Dates" and "White Picket Fence House," 2016 Writing from Inlandia,2016, Poetry

Cover of "The Coiled Serpent Poets Antholog

"Buñuelos," The Coiled Serpent Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles, 2016, Poetry


Cover of "Wide Awake" poetry anthology

"The Four Food Groups in Grandma's Summer Lunches," "Espiritu," and "Confessions of a Pseudo Chicana,"
Wide Awake: The Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond, 2015, Poetry

don't blame the ugly mug

"The Summer Before 9th Grade," Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: 10 Years of 2 Idiots Peddling Poetry, 2011, Poetry

latino heritage




"Confessions of a Pseudo Chicana,." City of Los Angeles Latino Heritage Month Celebration 2007 Calendar and Cultural Guide, Poetry

cover of "Women on the Edge"

“Destiny,” Women on the Edge: Fiction by LA Women Writers, 2005, Fiction

Selected Literary Journals
and Periodicals


"Menudo vs Hotdogs," Voices de la Luna, 2018, Poetry

"The Wrath of Muscat," Litbreak, 2017, Fiction

The Summer the Women Stayed Indoors” and “White Picket Fence House,” Cultural Weekly, 2016, Poetry 

“Nunca Mas,” Askew Poetry Journal, 2016, Poetry

"Buñuelos,Silver Birch Press, 2015, Poetry

 "Cabaret," Inlandia: A Literary Journey, 2015, Fiction

"Thankful for What I Got," Silver Birch Press, 2015, Poetry

"The Four Food Groups in Grandma's Summer Lunches," Poetry in the Windows VI, 2014, Poetry.

"Sparkling," Inlandia: A Literary Journey, 2011, Fiction.

"The Mexican Jesus Sings Lead Tenor in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Choir," BorderSenses Literary Magazine, 2007, Poetry

“The Summer Before 9th Grade,” Cooweescoowee, 2007, Poetry

“Espiritu,” Heliotrope, Ed. Rane Arroyo, 2004, Poetry

“My Valentine,” Comet Magazine #4, 2003, Fiction

“Tumbleweeds and Palm Trees,” Cider Press Review, 2000, Poetry

“And I Will Never Get Used,” “Parchment,” and “Salmonella,” Brújula<>Compass 33, 1999, Poetry

“Confessions of a Pseudo Chicana” and “On the Night of the Eclipse,” Luna, 1999, Poetry

“Dear Harden: A Letter to Paris,” New Delta Review, 1998, Poetry

“Sleeping at the Bottom of Minnesota Street, Lincoln Heights.” LA Stories: Prose and Poetry. Arroyo Arts Collective Newsletter, 1998, Memoir

“378 S. Rancho Ave., Colton,” San Francisco Chronicle, 1998, Memoir.

“One of My Stories,” Fabula Magazine for Women, 1997, Memoir

“ICU Hallucination,” Spillway, 1997, Poetry

“Exploring the Concept of Telling Him She's Okay,” One Eye Open: Czech Literary Journal, 1997, Poetry

“Air Partner,” Voices, 1994, Poetry


Assistant Editor for Speechless the Magazine (2003-2007)