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Winter 2021
Introduction to Creative Writing: Perfect for students new to creative writing, this course introduces you to various forms of writing in small, supportive workshop groups.

Course Description: This six-week course is perfect for anyone just getting started on their path to being a writer. Students work in small breakout sessions with experienced writers and teachers, then attend a lecture by various guest speakers with expertise in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, or screenwriting. Short assignments are workshopped in the weekly breakouts. The goal of the course is to expose new writers to a variety of types of writing while getting their creative juices flowing. At the end of the quarter, students will feel more confident about their skills and will be prepared for further study of writing.

Spring 2021
Poetry I: Learn the basic techniques of poetry writing in this introductory course combining writing exercises and and workshopping.

Course Description: What is a poem and how does it differ from prose? What sources can you, the beginning poet, look to for ideas and inspiration? How can you encourage a raw unfinished poem to become a thing of power and beauty? This course provides a series of enjoyable and illuminating exercises to expand your imagination and introduce you to the complex issues of craft and revision in an accessible way. Of value to those who have never written as well as those with some experience who seek new direction and feedback.


I offer one-on-one and small group private consultations, coaching, and workshops, personalized to suit your needs and can include:

  • Generative writing prompts
  • Guidance and support on goal setting and staying on track
  • Starting and finishing a project
  • Preparing an application and manuscript for an MFA program, residency, or fellowship
  • Detailed feedback on short and long manuscripts, written and verbal
  • Recommendations of creative works and craft books to read
  • A sounding board for ideas and challenges

Writing services are offered through email, in person, video chat, and phone. For more information, contact me.


“liz's teaching and class structure were ON POINT. Her and one other instructor’s classes have been better than the other classes I've taken. The structure, readings and writing exercises simply made me learn more about writing than other classes.” ~ Leo Marquez, Writer as Witness to Life student

“Writer as Witness to Life was my first creative writing class. Since then I have taken seven online classes. liz's are the best, I believe. Her lectures were comprehensive, including definitions, examples from great literature, suggestions for brainstorming and a breakdown of the assignments, not to mention really great assignments.” ~ Melissa de Jesus

"The instructor is knowledgeable in the topic and realizes we may not be. The delivery of lessons was perfect. One building on another."

"liz was the perfect combination of mothering guidance/supportive friend. She provided a wealth of invaluable information while providing a safe environment for creative expression."

"This was by far the best course taken so far."